Social Housing Chronicle

Updates, thoughts and explainers on housing policy by Paul E Williams.

Housing Policy Explainers

The issues with housing policy at the federal and local levels are often esoteric and puzzling. As such, they are regularly misrepresented and often widely misunderstood. I hope to provide some clarity here.

Debates on the Net

I will try to deliver best-in-the-game rundowns on housing policy debates happening across the net.

Getting in Touch

I previously served in the policy division of the Chicago Department of Housing, and am now studying economics in New York at John Jay College/CUNY and am a fellow at the Jain Family Institute.

Please feel free to get in touch at paulelliottwilliams on gmail.

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By Paul E Williams


Onward to the egalitarian state. Economics student at CUNY John Jay, fellow at Jain Family Institute.