Rents and home prices in the CPI compared with industry indices.
$80 billion for public housing, $90 billion for vouchers, Faircloth soft-repeal
Is the sky falling?
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It would be a terrible time to open the eviction floodgates
Landlords are collectively shooting themselves in the foot. They would be better off forgiving rent.
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The largest group of severely cost burdened renters is those who pay more than 90% of their income to rent—a whopping 12% of renter households—a distur…
Bloomberg’s artful omission of new construction data in its analysis of Berlin's new rent control law
Or, how to give people money
Under the current regime, higher corporate taxes means more affordable housing
Fundamentally, I believe that providing everyone a home is both a moral imperative for a just society, and importantly, achievable with the correct app…